Charleston International Airport (CHS) has one single passenger terminal built-in 1987. The CHS terminal is divided into two Concourses: A and B. The landside of the passenger terminal is operated via an 8-lane roadway fronting on the 2ndlevel that connected to a road loop. The inside complex of the circuit includes parking facilities and three cross-walks leading from the terminal to the Parking Garage. The information booth and a business center are available at the entrance of the terminal.

To the right side of the terminal entrance, passengers can find the airline ticket counters along with consolidated 8-lane security checkpoint areas.

To the left side of the entrance, there is the Arrivals area equipped with baggage claim, rental car pavilion, and hospitality counter. The terminal center houses the Central Hall. In this area, the following facilities are provided, for instance, Information desk, ATMs, and Harvest & Grounds. Food and drink facilities are in the post-security complex.

Concourse A holds the airline boarding gates A1-A5 and is served by Delta airlines. The concourse is equipped with new jet bridges and houses 'Charleston Beer Works and an ATM.

Concourse B holds the airline boarding gates B1-B10 and has new three jet bridges. The concourse is operated via American, Southwest, JetBlue, and United airlines. In this area, there is a post-security area used for international arrivals along with International Lounge and U.S. Customs Service, leading to the baggage claim area. The pre-boarding area provides an ATM, a Pizza shop. Dunkin Donuts, and Hudson 'Discover Charleston'.

Both arrivals and departures are situated on the same floor. Departures are located to the east-end, while Arrivals to the west end of the terminal.



Information about the Departures and Security Procedures at Charleston International Airport.


Transfer Service and Options at Charleston International Airport.

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